Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When I was young...

I decided to blog because Facebook doesn't let me post long enough posts to capture my random thoughts (mostly these thoughts emerge as I drive).

Today I was thinking about the radio and how certain electronic advances have become so engrained in me that I wish I had DAR (digital audio recording) on my radio. I phase in and out to actually hearing and comprehending what I have on the radio and sometimes something catches my attention but I missed part of the story or event announcement or whatever. I have the instant thought "oh, just rewind and listen again" like I would if that happened while watching TV. I don't have this option on my car radio so am repeatedly disappointed: ) That thinking made me remember Junior High when I would listen to the radio for hours with the tape loaded trying to capture the greatest new song. Now anyone can look up pretty much any music on-line on You Tube or other sites and hear the hottest song over and over or download it and own it as soon as they know they like it. I'm not saying the old way was life enhancing in anyway, just thinking about the vast changes that have happened in just my lifetime.

It also made me think about the things that become habit in response to the conveniences we get accustomed to. I used to be fascinated by the ringer washing machine my grandma kept on her back porch to use with really dirty clothes, mostly my grandpa's overalls after he was working on something filthy and she didn't want to get it in her regular washer. This ringer washer was electric and she would tell us about how it was advanced compared to the older ringers that you had to hand crank. Now I load up the washer and leave it to run through while I leave for work.

Somethings are true conviences and others, like the automatic washer are advances that I don't think anyone would be willing to go back to the old way. I do find some comfort in the idea that if the zombie apocalypse happens and electricity is down, that I with the good luck to find an old ringer washer have an idea of how to run it and I could likely live my life out without rewinding the TV or radio to catch what I missed while daydreaming.

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